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Adjustable 5V,9V,12V,16V,19V,20V(4.5AH) 33000MAH Lithium Li-polymer USB rechargeable Batteries for Laptop cellphone Power Bank

Adjustable 5V,9V,12V,16V,19V,20V(4.5AH) 33000MAH Lithium Li-polymer USB rechargeable Batteries for Laptop cellphone Power Bank

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High quality E+E 5 V,9 V,12 V,16 V,19 V,20 V Li-polymer 33000mah USB Battery for Laptop / Mobile phone  power supply        SPECIFICATIONS     Brand Name : SJZPFTC   Material : lithium polymer   Total capacity : 33000 MAH   Size  :   206*138*22 MM   Weight :   1.5 Kg   Output voltage :  9 V,12 V,16 V,19 V,20 V(4.5 AH Max.)
  USB1   5 V/2.1 AH
USB2    5 V/1 AH   Input voltage : DC 15 V-24 V/2 AH   Cycle life   :   >2000 times   Charging time   : About 8hours   Protections : 12 pieces   Compatibility : 99% computers in the market ​ Warranty : 3 months           ADVANTAGE   Appearance atmosphere, a portable large capacity polymer battery. Can give all kinds of notebook computers, mobile phones, tablet charge a variety of digital products; Suitable for travel, travel long distance bus, boat, field operation environment, etc. The product high safety, good compatibility, small volume, long service life, high cost performance, also can use this product directly to the device, iphone, macbook charging       FEATURE   This is a fully compatible, variable pressure, large capacity, multi-function magic power products. Products adopt international import high quality lithium polymer batteries, can automatic voltage regulator, thermal control, security and stability. Efficient voltage conversion technology, intelligent charging and discharging management technology, is your digital product life, the ideal choice for outdoor emergency charging. This mobile power is easy to carry, safe and reliable, applicable scope is wide, suitable for almost all of the digital product power supply, charging, can give you a laptop computer, tablet PC, portable projector, digital camera, DV, mobile phone, ipod, PSP, MP3, MP4,'t a MP5 and a series of digital products supply power, can work with your business travel, outdoor, super long standby power supply necessary requirements. Products by FC, CE, ROHS and other international certification, exported to foreign developed countries, has a number of patented technology, industry leading, quality assurance.                  

Data Sheet

Set Type:
Batteries Only
Battery Number:
1 piece
Bundle 1
Replacement Battery:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Nominal Capacity:
Cycle Life:
More than 2000 times
Operating Temperature:
-40 ~ +65 degree
12 Protections:
Overcharge,overdischarge,overcurrents,short out, etc.
Output Voltage:
DC 9V,12V,16V,19V,20V/4.5A (adjustable)
5V/1A ,5V/2.1A
Used for:
ALL equipments(according the voltages).
Input voltage:
DC 15-24V/2AH
Charging time:
8 hours

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