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ENTEMPLE 12 v 9.8Ah 9800mAh 18650 Rechargeable Battery 12V Protection Board CCTV Monitor battery +12.6V 1A Charger

ENTEMPLE 12 v 9.8Ah 9800mAh 18650 Rechargeable Battery 12V Protection Board CCTV Monitor battery +12.6V 1A Charger

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Product Description technical parameters Nominal voltage : 12 V The input voltage : 12.6 V Output voltage : 9 V to 12.6 V Battery capacity : 9800mah (9.8 Ah) Outside diameter size : Can choose size : 162*70*19 MM Have the shipping list 1 :  12 V    9.8 Ah li-ion batteries 1 PCS. 2.  12.6 V  1 A battery charger 1 PCS.  
  Total weight : 400 G Packing : black PVC With protection circuit : have overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit protection functions the battery requirements 1 : need li-ion battery chargers for; Constant current constant voltage; 2 : the charging voltage : 12.6 V 3 : charging current : 3 A 4 : supporting the charger is charging when the red light is full of green light battery discharge Requirements 1 : input : 5.5 * 2.1 plug wire 2 the maximum instantaneous current : 15 A 3 : maximum working current : 10 A 4 : output input if there is any other requirement can be contact with the owner, the above parameters for the default delivery   applicable scope All the 12 v electric equipment, washing equipment, coal, hernia lamp, instead of the 12 v battery, instruments and meters, amplifiers, monitoring, electric class, all sorts of article 12 v lamp. lithium battery advantage 1. Small volume, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection, no memory effect. 2. Is the power supply for portable electronic devices, but more delicate, lithium-ion batteries in use, please note the following points. Lithium battery common sense 1. You must use a 12.6 V li-ion battery charger charging standard. 2. The ban on large current discharge. 3. Prohibited discharge, single battery voltage should not be below 2.5 V. 4. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble, short circuit batteries, most likely caused by short circuit on fire. 5. Use temperature 0 to 60 degrees. Storage The battery should be stored in a clean, dry, ventilated room and should be kept in contact with corrosive substances away from fire and heat sources. Under normal circumstances, no more than 3 months of storage environment temperature range of -20 ~ 40 ℃, no more than 6 months of storage temperature allowed to allow the scope of the ambient temperature range of -20 ~ 35 ℃, special products to products The permissible scope of the specification shall prevail. The company recommended the best storage temperature of 20 ~ 25 ℃. In general, the relative humidity of the battery storage environment allows a range of 65 ± 20%. The company recommended the best storage environment relative humidity of 50 to 70%. The battery should be stored at high temperatures or at high humidity, otherwise it will cause the battery to leak, rust, and reduce capacity. 'Long term storage will result in reduced battery and battery capacity and require 1-3 charge / discharge cycles to achieve maximum discharge capacity. After three months of battery storage need to charge or cycle charge and discharge once. If the storage period of more than 6 months, should be charge and discharge activation to reduce performance loss.   caveat `Do not immerse the battery in seawater or water. When not in use, it should be placed in a cool, dry environment. `Do not throw the battery in a fire or heater, or try to disassemble it, the battery may burn or produce harmful substances. `It is forbidden to use the battery in the hot high temperature source, such as fire, heater and so on.

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